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October 8, 2019

Traffic Troubles : How Time is Money

From the title itself, we can’t help but feel that small tinge of despair. We’d remember those days where being late is not an option and the traffic is clearly not helping.

From roadworks to small accidents on the road, the traffic in the Philippines is honestly bad and according to a recent study by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), will worsen without prior action. While you’re inside the UV or Jeep, you’d question yourself, why do you deserve this stoppage in time when you can already have your work done in minutes and be productive than yesterday.

Students in the University Belt come from all directions, spanning from Fairview to Cavite, even as far as Rizal to go to their daily classes. With the recent LRT2 incident, this will be more than just a headache, not only for the students, but also the parents.

This goes without even mentioning their schedules, depending on the time, the traffic in Manila tend to change. That is why we have different processes to get around the traffic problem, from getting up way too early to learning where the common stops are. Sometimes, these processes are not enough to compensate for that late report or that sermon from your professor.

Some say that there is no getting over the traffic problem in their daily lives, but there are people who invest in living closer to their destination, which cuts their cost in commuting and save them from that missed class or important meeting and what nots.

It’s always been a staple in the Manila area that dorms and bed spacing is an asset when it comes to staying closer to where you need to be. Providing a better and faster way of finding dorms, Rentalbee aims to help in finding you a convenient place to stay. Though some may not see it, but investing in a dorm lifestyle saves money big time and provides the students a new sense of responsibility and independence as well. With Rentalbee providing a newer sense to the term “Dorm life”, the experience is reimagined to being fun and at the same time professional.

So take a gander the next time you’re stuck in traffic, you can invest in a dorm and learn some of the basics of adulting and take away your traffic troubles!

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