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September 10, 2019

The Art of Studying: Tips and tricks to an effective study habit

At an early stage, we were programmed to study and attain good grades; to set the goal of earning that star at the back of our hands as kids and that “uno” or “A” in our transcript when graduate from college. But as our lessons that began from letters that turns into essays and numbers that then turns into equations do we really establish the perfect study habit for us?

If you’re in your late teens to early adult life you’ve more likely than not crammed and exchanged your bed and pillows for your desk and study materials and fended off sleepiness with cups and litters of coffee. There must be ways to prevent these kinds of nights right? Worry not and look no further as we give you ways on how to develop an effective study habit.

1) Study smart not study hard

Plan out your workload and spread them out generously. Give yourself 15 minutes a day to read at least a few pages of your hand-out rather than forcing your brain to digest 50 pages of reading in one sitting.

2) Activate your right and left brain

It has been said that color coordinating your notes allows you to remember your study materials easier than when you use one color to write all the notes in. you see, by doing so you are not solely relying on one part of your brain to remember everything. You allow yourself to use more of your brain in acing that exam.

3) Befriend a Professor

It might be an odd thing to hear someone tell you to befriend your professor but the thing is your professors are also humans. Humans who are experts on subjects that would be useful to you. Talk and interact with them, you’d be surprised by the amount of things you can learn from them not only academic wise but also life tips and tricks.

4) Never be afraid to ask for help

In a room full of people, there will always be someone who knows more about something than you do, so don’t be afraid to ask help from people around you if you are having trouble with something. Remember, a smart person will pretend to know everything but a wise person will readily listen and learn new things from everyone.

So there you have it roomies. 4 study tips and tricks to help you develop an effective study habit that calms your nerve as another class comes your way.

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