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September 2, 2019

5 Factors Students Consider in Choosing the Best Dormitory

1) Cost

For many students, the cost of housing is a major factor when selecting where to live on and off-campus.

They often start their search by making a list of all the dorms available from least expensive to most expensive. Then next to each dorm, list the different amenities and features. Cross out any definite “no’s” such as it being a gender-restrictive dorm that you don’t match with (as some dorms are female or male-only) or the dorm that doesn’t meet accessibility needs.

Next, they will factor in the budget. What is the preferred amount of money they would like to spend on a dorm? You should also consider whether this budget is flexible (and if so, how much?). It’s important to know that they get what they pay for, so putting a little extra money into their dorm selection can make a huge difference in their living situation and how much they enjoy their college experience.

2) Location

Once potential tenants have a list of which dorms meet their budget, they then locate these dormitories on the map and find the distances between each dorm and important locations like schools, stores and hangout places. Some examples of these places are:

• Restaurants
• Convenience Stores
• Public Transportations
• Malls

Choosing a dorm that is closer to these locations can save them time, give them more time to rest and sleep, and maybe even motivation to get out of their room more often. (After all, if the park or mall really is just next door…)

Plus, if there is inclement weather, the difference between that 10-minute walk to class and a 5-minute walk to class can be monumental, and they will consider themselves blessed for having their walking time cut.

3) Amenities

A key point in finding the best dorms are the amenities included. Some offer study halls, canteens, gyms and laundromat. These offer the tenant a refreshing experience in their stay knowing that they have other activities to do besides studying. This will further inspire potential tenants to stay for a longer time and have their dorm as a “Go-to” place.

It’s not a matter of “the more amenities, the better”, instead what amenities are more appropriate for them.

If you’re housing multiple tenants who are reviewers, a study hall or a co-working space will be a huge plus in their dorming experience.

4) Reviews

The best way to find out what a dorm is actually like is by asking a student who has lived in it, or by searching for reviews in different online channels. Students who have lived in the building can give them the best insight as to what living there will be like.

Although finding reviews of a dorm may be a bit harder task for an incoming freshman, some great people to ask are upper classmen helping out with class registration.

If you are viewing the dorms on a college tour, try to see both the display dorm room (which is what most campus tours will show) and a real dorm room.

5) The Community

Many dorms strive to form some sort of community by encouraging its residents to get out and know one another through activities and group bonding sessions.

Potential tenants look to see what type of community the dorm has. Do they have any social media accounts? A website? A calendar of events?

They will also ask about the type of programs that have been held in the past, as they can give you a good idea as to what will come in the future.

Attending events in a dorm can not only be a great stress reliever for students, but it also allows them to meet other people in your building, and can make your dorm seem much more of a home and much less of “just a dorm”.

Either way, these are the important and key factors for what potential tenants look out for when seeking their home away from home. That’s why it’s important to take these 10 factors into consideration to choose the perfect dorm for them and make their college experience the best one that it can be. The better these factors are delivered, the longer potential tenants stay!

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